• "writer who writes case studies stands in public parkWriting and Consulting Services for Reluctant Writers

    If your struggle to find words (any word!) is painful and never-ending, I can help with that.

    If your writer’s voice has stopped speaking to you, I can help with that.

    Got content that rambles and fails to excite your audience? I can definitely help with that.

    Has that “do or die” college essay reduced your son or daughter to tears? Relax. I can help with that too. 

     If you are that someone who hates to write and the words you want to say keep you up at night … I can help with that.

    Welcome to my place in digital space where your word nightmares can be transformed into seamless, magical prose. 

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Here’s what I know:

Language has the power to change lives.

Understanding how to harness words to make these transformative changes can be overwhelming if you hate to write.

For those of you who enjoy writing, but have written yourselves into corners, I might be able to help with that.


Hello, my name is Kathy H Porter: I’m a wordsmith with a side of ASD advocacy

Here’s the back story to the consulting services I offer. When my son graduated from high school and entered the work force, I became his behind-the-scenes job coach and communications facilitator. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot and what I now know may save you some time and heart ache.

If you are the parent of a son/daughter with ASD transitioning out of high school, you are about to find out that work place support for this niche of developmentally disabled adults really sucks could be better.

Looking back, what was missing when my son graduated from high school was the awareness that “communications support” would be the most important skill set he would need for self-advocacy success. Over time, my son and I created easy, conversational scripts for lots of work-related conversations.

You’ll find “Communications Support” listed on the Services page of my site where you can access a 10 page white paper about how to write work-related conversational scripts. If you can use this or if you know of someone who this material will benefit, please feel free to share what I’ve made available.

Take a look around and see if this or any of my services are what you’re looking for. Then, fill out the form on this page. Tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll be in touch.








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