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1. This client wanted a summary of her professional background for an interview packet written in first (not third) person. Here’s the finished copy.

News About Adults With Asperger’s – my online magazine published on Medium

Part One: 3 Strikes And You’re Out – how one New York State disability system failed my son


What she said … 15 Famous Women Spill Their Guts

An Unexpected Parenting Tip: Take Your Child’s Meds … Just Once

April is Autism Awareness Month … Let’s Get This Party Started

A Message to CEO’s: Here’s the Sweet Spot for Disability Inclusion at Work


Guest Blog Posts

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1.¬† April 29, 2014: TEACH/Make a Difference ¬† #TheyTaughtMe – Asperger’s Syndrome Disoreder Doesn’t Keep My Son From “Talking Dog”¬†

2.  May 2, 2014:  Think Inclusive (269 shares)  How I Taught My 27 Year Old Autistic (ASD) Son to Handle Bullies in the Work Place

3.  May 19, 2014: (1.5k shares)  Think Inclusive   10 Surprising Things Parents of Autistic Grads Must Know

4.  July 19, 2014: (465 shares)  Think Inclusive   Advocacy And On-The-Job Disclosure Belong to Those Who Are On the Autism Spectrum

5. January 6, 2015:  (208 shares)  Think Inclusive   11 Insightful Tips For Parents of ASD Adults For Getting the Most Out of Vocational Service Providers

6. June 23, 2015: (368 shares) Think Inclusive ¬† An Open Letter to the Moms Featured on Dateline NBC’s Special Autism Report “On the Brink”



Love Always Wags Its Tail – The Dogs That Changed My Life

** I self-published my first book on December 12, 2012 on Amazon. It became the number one best seller in the pet essay category.


Articles and Essays:

If Life’s a Sandbox, Let Your Dog Show You How to Play, LinkedIn:¬† December 21, 2015

Democrat And Chronicle, Rochester, NY newspaper, “Women At Work” Column

 Joining a Gym Can Help Your Career Too

 Develop A Career Around Your Passion

You Talk to Yourself Constantly or The Power of Self-Talk 


Book Reviews

Amazon review of Phoenix, by Megan Mayhew Bergman (Ploughshares Solo) (Kindle edition) 262 words

Book reviews posted on my blog:

Victoria Stilwell’s Book Teaches Self-Development And Leadership
Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhatten – An Unexpected Book Review
Reading Books. Loving Dogs, Poets And Some Authors
Sometimes You Get Lucky And Books Find YouMary Oliver, Alexandra Horowitz & Megan Mayhew Bergman
Sink Your Teeth Into Animal Happiness, a review of Animal Happiness by Vicki Hearne
Did Vicki Hearne Write Only For Smart People?
Love Has No Age Limit For Readers – a review of one of Patricia B McConnell’s and Karen B Landon’s books
Finding Gracie in a Puppy Mill – a review of Saving Gracie, by Carol Bradley
A Book Review: I Promise You, written and illustrated by Edwin Fontanez
A Review of The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer, by Doug Koktavy
Jennifer Crusie Leads the Pack with Anyone But You
“Best of Show” for Stay, by Allie Larkin
Lisa Scottoline on The Lighter Side of Life
Katz on Dogs – Book Review
Review of Scent of the Missing, by Susannah Charleson

 Book Reviews off my blog:

The Doctor’s Choice, Book One of Badlands, by JD Faver

The Doctor’s Choice, Book One of Badlands, by JD Faver – minus 190 words










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