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1. This client wanted a summary of her professional background for an interview packet written in first (not third) person. Here’s the finished copy.


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1.  April 29, 2014: TEACH/Make a Difference   #TheyTaughtMe – Asperger’s Syndrome Disoreder Doesn’t Keep My Son From “Talking Dog” 

2.  May 2, 2014:  Think Inclusive (269 shares)  How I Taught My 27 Year Old Autistic (ASD) Son to Handle Bullies in the Work Place

3.  May 19, 2014: (1.5k shares)  Think Inclusive   10 Surprising Things Parents of Autistic Grads Must Know

4.  July 19, 2014: (465 shares)  Think Inclusive   Advocacy And On-The-Job Disclosure Belong to Those Who Are On the Autism Spectrum

5. January 6, 2015:  (208 shares)  Think Inclusive   11 Insightful Tips For Parents of ASD Adults For Getting the Most Out of Vocational Service Providers

6. June 23, 2015: (368 shares) Think Inclusive   An Open Letter to the Moms Featured on Dateline NBC’s Special Autism Report “On the Brink”



Love Always Wags Its Tail – The Dogs That Changed My Life

** I self-published my first book on December 12, 2012 on Amazon. It became the number one best seller in the pet essay category.


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If Life’s a Sandbox, Let Your Dog Show You How to Play, LinkedIn:  December 21, 2015

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Amazon review of Phoenix, by Megan Mayhew Bergman (Ploughshares Solo) (Kindle edition) 262 words

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Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhatten – An Unexpected Book Review










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