• "writer who writes case studies stands in public parkWriting and Consulting Services for Reluctant Writers

    If your struggle to find words (any word!) is painful and never-ending, I can help with that.

    If your writer’s voice has stopped speaking to you, I can help with that.

    Got content that rambles and fails to excite your audience? I can definitely help with that.

    Has that “do or die” college essay reduced your son or daughter to tears? Relax. I can help with that too. 

     If you are that someone who hates to write and the words you want to say keep you up at night … I can help with that.

    Welcome to my place in digital space where your word nightmares can be transformed into seamless, magical prose. 

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Editing Services for Small Business Owners, Bloggers and Solopreneurs

If you’ve just written up to 100 pages of an eBook, a blog post, white paper or other written project, you’ve got content. The next step is to shape your words into a compelling message so that readers want to take action. That’s where inspired editing comes in. 

I can help with that!

My editor’s style is energetic and conversational, rooted in a collaborative partnership between myself as the writer’s coach and you as the writer.  In no particular order, we’ll talk about the following:

  • Is there a logical flow to your first draft?
  • Have you made all of your points?
  • Is there a recognizable tone of voice?
  • Is your message irresistible to your reader?
  • Does your opening paragraph grab your reader’s attention?
  • Do your concluding remarks create excitement and a sense of urgency without being over-the-top?

Revision is ongoing. The best part is that I won’t stop until you’re happy. As a matter of fact, here’s what one of my clients said after we’d finished her first project:

“If you are working on a book, article, or any publication and need an expert to give it professional polish – look no further than Kathy! Not only did she help with the nuts & bolts of editing my eBook, she also took the time to make the book BETTER – through helping me modify language to fit my audience, think through how it flows from the reader’s perspective, and ensuring it is a document I can be proud of.”  –  Lynn Hidy, Founder, Principal Coach and Trainer of UpYourSales.

I offer a 45 minute consultation at no cost to you to briefly discuss your project, pricing and any other questions you have.

My project rates vary depending on the size and scope of your project.

All projects include my “off the clock” bonus. Be sure to ask about that when you contact me.



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