• "writer who writes case studies stands in public parkWriting and Consulting Services for Reluctant Writers

    If your struggle to find words (any word!) is painful and never-ending, I can help with that.

    If your writer’s voice has stopped speaking to you, I can help with that.

    Got content that rambles and fails to excite your audience? I can definitely help with that.

    Has that “do or die” college essay reduced your son or daughter to tears? Relax. I can help with that too. 

     If you are that someone who hates to write and the words you want to say keep you up at night … I can help with that.

    Welcome to my place in digital space where your word nightmares can be transformed into seamless, magical prose. 

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Communications Support for Work Related Conversations

Speaking up using constructive dialogue is a skill that anyone can learn. If you’re the parent of a young adult on the autism spectrum between the ages of 16 – 30, you can access my 10 page white paper about work-related explaining scripts when you subscribe to my e-newsletter. There’s no obligation and I’ll never try to sell you anything.  🙂

Please note: Despite the fact that my white paper focuses on ASD adults, everyone can benefit from knowing how to use constructive dialogue. I’m happy to help anyone get better at speaking clearly in the work place.

Professional bios, ghost writing, tag lines and more for harried executives
Resume content
Web content
White Papers

Rochester, NY based tutor & writing coach

  •  Grades 7-12: English/So. Studies –  persuasive essays, research papers, college essays (enjoy working with kids on the autism spectrum)
  • Ages 18 and over – similar topics as listed for grades 7-12; can include brainstorming for individual writing projects (ie blog content, etc…)
  •  The hourly rate I charge for this subset of services is $55.00



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