• "writer who writes case studies stands in public parkWriting Services for Adults With Autism & Coaching for Their Parents!

    If you’re the parent of a young adult son or daughter with autism who needs a great resume or communication guidance about how to talk with potential employers, I can help with that. 

    My adult son has been working since he graduated from high school in 2005. He has a formal Asperger’s diagnosis with other developmental disabilities. We’ve learned a few things over the years that might work for you.

    For everyone else? If you’re that someone who hates to write and the words you want to say are on the tip of your tongue … I can help with that.

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Resume content
Work-related conversational scripts for adults on the autism spectrum

Greeting cards
Professional bios, ghost writing, tag lines & more for harried executives
White papers
Web content

Rochester, NY based tutor & writing coach

  •  Grades 7-12: English/So. Studies –  persuasive essays, research papers, college essays (enjoy working with kids on the autism spectrum)
  • Ages 18 and over – similar topics as listed for grades 7-12; can include brainstorming for individual writing projects (ie blog content, etc…)
  •  The hourly rate I charge for this subset of services is $55.00



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