“Holy crap. You really do write beautifully. I loved it!”  – first time client

“If you are working on a book, article, or any publication and need an expert to give it professional polish – look no further than Kathy! Not only did she help with the nuts & bolts of editing my eBook, she also took the time to make the book BETTER – through helping me modify language to fit my audience, think through how it flows from the reader’s perspective, and ensuring it is a document I can be proud of.”  –  Lynn Hidy, Founder, Principal Coach and Trainer of UpYourSales.

“I had written my first e-report and needed to have it “polished’ before loading it to my website. I contacted Kathy and she reviewed the content and suggested creative editing adjustments. I appreciated her insight and suggestions in finalizing the document.” – Lisa Riggi, Marriage Success Coach

“As an author, I can’t help lighting up when a  reader really gets the heart of what is being communicated.  Of the many reviews Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan! A Love Story has received, Kathy Hensel Porter’s lets me know she has really given the book a deep read and shares with her readers her delight in finding it not a ‘cutesy dog book’ , but one that has—forgive me– ‘bite’, honesty, humor and deep affection for the bond between dog and partner. She reveals the main points of the story the two dogs, Hickory and Kemp, have to tell to inform and entertain readers.  Kemp has told me that he gives Kathy Hensel Porter’s perspicacity and lively writing style  his highest marks: five wuffs. His partner, “The Old Prof” (me), agrees with him.”Lloyd Burlingame 

Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan – An Unexpected Book Review, by Kathy H Porter

Professional Bios

“I’ve been looking for a professional writer I can rely on to be thorough, prompt, and courteous, a person who seems genuinely interested in advancing my work, not just reviewing it and attaching an invoice.

My task was to write a casual yet professional personal summary to include in my interview packets.  It took only 3 hours from my first panicked & confused email, through several collaborative online iterations, to the phone call finalizing the vision.   I ended up with a powerful personal summary that conveyed my essence and what an employer will get when they hire me!  I am happy, calm and very excited to use this summary. Kathy has exceeded my expectations, not only because of her expertise, as important as that is, but also because she truly invested herself in the job. That she does so within a remarkable turnaround time frame (for me), makes her worth every dollar I’ve spent.” – Susan Sinatra

Tutor & Writing Coach

“A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.”  – John Wooden

“We were beyond a deadline with a teen in deep defense mode when we started with Kathy. Kathy was able to create a collaborative working relationship with me and my teen to complete the project and instill a new sense of confidence in our student. Her passion, knowledge of the writing process, and understanding of the unique challenges of autism allowed us to reveal the bright mind that hides behind the anxiety.”  – Cha Ron Sattler-Leblanc Pittsford, NY parent 

“My son was at a standstill with writing his essay for his college application. Kathy helped find his inner voice and write a great essay from his own perspective. She was able to coach him in a way that allowed my son to express himself on paper like never before. Kathy is very passionate about the written word and her enthusiasm is infectious. My son learned so much from her in a very short time. Kathy was a godsend to us.”  – Rose Casartelli, parent of a 2016 high school senior




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